When asked about Mayawati, Azad started surrounding Modi, know what he said?
When asked about Mayawati, Azad started surrounding Modi, know what he said?

Lucknow: Bhim Army chief Chandrashekhar Azad Ravan, who does politics in the name of Dalits in Uttar Pradesh, has given a statement on the alliance with BSP supremo Mayawati. Chandrashekhar said that I cannot leave Dalit society alone, I am fulfilling my responsibility. But, no one knows what will happen in the future. It is just my effort that the Dalit society should not feel cheated.

Targeting PM Modi, he has said, 'We have seen the character of the governments, they are engaged in looting the poor. The Prime Minister, who talks about the tricolour, should tell what will happen to these people who are hungry. The tricolour was sold for Rs 20 each in Uttar Pradesh. Those who do not even have money to eat were also given tricolour for money. We have respect for the tricolour in our hearts. Bhim Army Chief further said that we believe that patriotism should be in the heart. On the incident in Jalore, Rajasthan, Chandrashekhar said that I expected that the Prime Minister would say something about this incident from the Red Fort, but alas, Dalits could not come in the eyes of the Prime Minister of the country.

On the question of having a soft corner for Mayawati, he said that I am not speaking on anyone, because I have no expectations from her. I am fulfilling my responsibility. On the question of contesting elections in 2024, Dalit leader Chandrashekhar said that right now we are making our preparations. But, we're not going to go back. We are strengthening our organisation. We are moving forward by learning from what we have learnt in the last five years.

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