Khesari Lal and Kajal Raghvani performed on the song, fans watched the video again and again!

Aug 09 2019 04:56 PM
Khesari Lal and Kajal Raghvani performed on the song, fans watched the video again and again!

These days, Bhojpuri cinema is giving Bollywood a tremendous hit. While on the one hand, Bhojpuri films are now being shot abroad. Fan following of Bhojpuri superstars is no less than a Bollywood superstar. Perhaps that's why one or the other Bhojpuri song appears to be trending on YouTube every day. Recently, a bombastic Bhojpuri song of Khesari Lal Yadav has been widely seen on social media. Actress Kajal Raghvani is also seen in the song along with Khesari. Both dance and romance are being loved. Fans are liking this song in large numbers.

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For your information, khesari and Kajal's song is 'Sutal Tani Kora Mei', which is making a big splash on YouTube. In this song, both Bhojpuri superstars are seen dancing spectacularly. The romance between the two is also worth watching. More importantly, the song is sung by Khesari Lal Yadav himself. One of the reasons why this song went viral is the fan following of Khesari and Kajal.

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This video has been viewed more than 129,647,203 times on YouTube so far. The main feature in this song is Kajal Raghavani's sari. She looks gorgeous in pink and yellow sarees. Khesari is seen in this video in a white-blue shirt and jeans. While Khesari is seen all over the song, Kajal seems to be trying to woo him.

Khesari Lal Yadav is known as the 'Comedy King' of Bhojpuri cinema. Their pair freezes only with mascara the most. The film or song that they appear together is already considered a hit. However, Khesari, Akshara Singh and Amrapali Dubey have also done spectacular romantic films.

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