This white flowering plant is a panacea, will make the hair thick and dense in a few days

Till date, all of you must have seen a small plant planted on the side of the road and around the drains, in the empty field, in the fields etc., in which very small white coloured flowers are blooming. Yes and you must have thought that they are extravagant, although it is not a common plant, but a medicine, which is being used in Ayurveda for years. Hearing this, your mind wandered, but it is true. Actually, the name of this plant is Bhringraj, which is called Ghamra by the people of rural areas.

Bhringraj is called Keshraj in Ayurveda. Yes, Bhringraj oil is prepared from the combination of Bhringraj plant extract and carrier oil, which is a panacea for hair problems. In today's time, people use Bhringraj oil by buying it from the market at expensive prices, whereas if you identify it, then you can easily prepare Bhringraj oil yourself at home. Today we tell you how and its benefits.

Stop the whitening of the hair - Before the age, if you have a problem of hair whitening, then you should use bhringraj oil. This prevents your hair from becoming white prematurely and keeps it black.

Hair growth- If your hair does not grow long quickly or has become too thin, then you need bhringraj oil. Apply this oil two to three times a week.

Stop hair loss - If your hair falls too much and has lost its lustre, apply bhringraj oil. By applying it, the hair will become thick, thick and shiny.

Getting rid of dandruff- Bringaraz has anti-bacterial properties, which are helpful in getting rid of dandruff. Yes and apart from this it has antifungal properties, which are helpful in curing the head abscess, pimples, itching or any kind of infection.

How to make bhringraj oil - Put coconut or mustard oil in a pan and heat it. Add bhringraj leaves or powder to it. Cook until the colour of the mixture turns green. Now turn off the gas and let it remain for overnight so that Bhringraj leaves his entire essence in that oil. Now, the next day, put the oil in an airtight vial and whenever you apply it to the hair, then heat it once. When it is applied, apply it at night and leave it overnight and wash it off in the morning.

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