Big News: Shah Rukh Khan's movie story leaked amid shooting
Big News: Shah Rukh Khan's movie story leaked amid shooting

Bollywood's King Khan Shah Rukh is currently busy shooting for his upcoming movie 'Lion' (Lion), which is being made by noted South director Atley. A few days before the movie Lion, there were reports that King Khan would be seen carrying out a theft like a professor of 'Money High'.  According to media reports, this is the basic story of the movie but Shah Rukh Khan is going to have a double role in 'Lion'. Shah Rukh Khan will be seen in both father and son characters in the film, one of which (son) is going to hijack the entire train.

Reports say that Shah Rukh Khan did several movies in the 90s in which his characters have also been seen negative. After which he moved on to the romantic movie. Atley's 'LION' has once again led him to negative characters. He will be seen playing a negative character for the ninth time in 'Lion'. Shah Rukh has been loved by the audience in negative characters while Atli's 'LION' is going to be able to give the audience the old Shah Rukh Khan.

Let us tell you that the shooting of the movie 'Lion' has been intermittently stuck due to the Aryan Khan case and the Covid epidemic. There are reports that Shah Rukh Khan is soon set to leave for Chennai to shoot action scenes of 'Lion'.  According to media reports, "Given the situation in the country these days, Lion's action scenes can only be shot in Telangana. Telangana's corona virus rules are slightly softer than the rest of the states. Ramoji Movie City is a little away from the city and is not going to attract a crowd of common people. Shah Rukh Khan is all set to shoot Lion's action scenes in The Studios of Ramoji Movie City. King Khan's action avatar is also set to appear in the movie 'Lion'. Shah Rukh has not tried his hand at action movies for a long time.

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