After rape, the elderly woman spit on the mouth of the accused, strangled her to death

Dec 01 2019 04:19 PM
After rape, the elderly woman spit on the mouth of the accused, strangled her to death

New Delhi: Due to increasing crime of every day, everyone is worried, due to this incident, there is an atmosphere of panic among the people, in the Gulabi Bagh area of North Delhi, drunk on Friday night. A 55-year-old woman was strangled to death after being raped by a young man. The police came to know as soon as the woman's murder was known on Saturday morning. At the same time senior police officers reached the spot. During the investigation, the police arrested the accused within just two hours on the basis of CCTV camera footage.

According to information received from sources, the accused has been identified as Dharmaraja (22). During interrogation, the accused said that after the rape, the woman spit on his mouth. In anger, he strangled the woman to death. According to the police, Shalu (fictitious name) lived alone in his ancestral house in Kishanganj. She was unmarried. Shalu had opened a shop in the house itself. She used to sell items of worship. On Saturday morning, at eight o'clock in the morning, a person living in the neighborhood reached the shop to get the goods, saw that Shalu was not at his shop. The shop door was open. When no answer was received on giving voice, he entered inside. There he saw Shalu lying dead on the floor. Blood was coming out of her mouth. Immediately the neighbor made a noise. The case has been reported to police. Apart from the local police, a team of special staff reached the spot.

If sources are to be believed, it has been learned that CCTV cameras installed around it were examined and it was found that at around 12.30 pm, a young man appeared entering Shalu's house. After 20 minutes, he was seen leaving the house. When the police showed CCTV footage of the youth to the neighbors, they identified the accused as the neighbor Dharmaraj. Dharmaraj used to live in the neighborhood. The accused was found sleeping on his room. During interrogation, Dharmaraja confessed to killing Shalu. He told that at night he went to her house on the pretext of taking the items of worship. There he forcibly raped Shalu. When Shalu spit on her mouth, the accused murdered her in anger. The accused Dharamraj used to hail food under Pratap Nagar metro station.

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