It takes years to give a decision on Rape cases; for how long women have to suffer
It takes years to give a decision on Rape cases; for how long women have to suffer

Priyanka Reddy's case is an example in everyone's mind due to continuous crime, which is the entire country this time. Nowadays, girls, boys, animals, children, girls, women, elderly, no one is safe anywhere, be it their home, outside, some college, some school, a road, a farm or a temple. No, there are crimes happening everywhere and in all of these, the most disgusting crime is rape, which we do not see any possibility of ending. This crime is spreading like the root of a tree, which cannot be cut down, prevented, and no concrete steps are being taken for it. There is no fear of rape among criminals, it has become common for them.

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He thinks that either he will be imprisoned for life or he will be given death penalty or money, but he never thinks what will happen to him with whom he committed that abominable crime. If we do not talk about India and talk about other countries, then there are such punishments for misdeeds that people hesitate to even think about it. Talking about North Korea, there is death for rape and the rapist is shot in the head with a lot of bullets, in the United Arab Emirates, the rapist is hanged within seven days, Islamic law in Saudi Arabia sharia Assuming the rapists are sentenced to be hanged, beheaded and cut off their sexual organs, but talking about India, a case here would last for years. The case of rape is kept hanging here for many years and many times the person who is raped is called and asked again and again, 'How was the rape done'.

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This is a question, we are living in a country where no one is safe, everyone is seen with dirty eyes. Here even an elderly woman is raped and in exchange for punishment, the case goes on for years. Here we can talk about the Nirbhaya case which took place in Delhi. This case was also ruled for months, but the hanging has not been given yet and even now the court has refused to issue a death warrant against the culprits. We can also look at the Unnao case as an example which started in the year 2017 but is still going on and no decision has been made in this case so far. Looking at these two cases, we can say that India is a country where unbearable, creepy crime like rape is being increased because no such punishment is being prepared for it, which creates fear among the criminals and they do so Be scared even thinking about. There are many cities in India where there are 4 to 5 rape cases in a day, many times these cases are such in which videos are made.

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After all, how long will it continue like this, how long will everyone be afraid, how long will the culprits not get any strict punishment, for how long? Till the government does not make any strict law in this matter, then such cases will happen every day and every day there will be some Priyanka Reddy who will be raped and burnt to death.

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