BB14: Rahul Mahajan calls Rakhi Sawant as 'Cheap celebrity'
BB14: Rahul Mahajan calls Rakhi Sawant as 'Cheap celebrity'

Rakhi Sawant and Rahul Mahajan have known each other for years. Rakhi always speaks that she is a good friend of Rahul but Rahul always refuses this. Both are currently in the house of ' Big Boss 14 ' and the latest episode of the show will feature a fierce battle between the two. This was due to the 'goofiness' of Rakhi Sawant. She misinterpreted the talks between captain Vikas Gupta and Rahul Mahajan.

Rakhi felt that Rahul did not want to work with her at home and he was seeking a new partner from Captain Vikas. When Rahul sat peacefully in the garden area, he called Rakhi to accompany him. Rakhi was agitated and shouted at Rahul. She said that she is not interested in talking with Rahul. Rahul tried to convince Rakhi but Rakhi was not ready to obey. She continued to shout at him. Rahul became angry and said that Rakhi likes to do such drama. 

Rahul asked Vikas to change his duty. He shouted at Rakhi and said, "Don't want such friendship, shame on you." The case escalated when Rakhi dragged Nikki in the middle. Rahul also started shouting at Rakhi. He said, "Who is she who will speak in my private space? Is she my mother, wife, sister, who is she?" Rahul said that Rakhi has no title on him. He knows her only after the Swayamvar show. Later, Rahul said that she is a crazy woman and only creates drama. Rahul called Rakhi a 'cheap celebrity'. He also said that the audience who see Rakhi is also 'cheap'. He did not stop and continued shouting at Rakhi. Rahul said, "You are a cheap celebrity. It is unfortunate that you are on the show." The Rakhi wept bitterly after hearing all this.

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