Pratik Sahajpal's plight worsened after Salman Khan's reprimand
Pratik Sahajpal's plight worsened after Salman Khan's reprimand

The war episode of the countries biggest and most talked about reality show Bigg Boss 15 on the first weekend was excellent. Pratik Sahajpal was the target of Salman Khan in the first-weekend ka vaar episode of the show. Salman Khan lashed out at Pratik for fighting without meaning at home for a week, breaking the house.

Salman Khan was also seen abusing Pratik when he broke the lock of the bathroom door even after Pandya was in the bathroom. Salman told Pratik that he encourages other contestants to fight forcefully. On the other hand, Salman slammed Pratik even when he stood in the chaining room at the time of Miesha's change of clothes. Salman said that if Miesha wanted to make her point, she could have made it, but she did not.
At the same time, Salman Khan slammed Pratik saying that he looks like the biggest idiot on the show. Salman also instructed Pratik to play the game with his heart and mind. Salman said he should emerge as a hero on the show. Pratik Sahajpal looked very sad throughout the weekend ka vaar episode after hearing Salman Khan's reprimand. After Salman Khan's departure, Pratik was also seen sitting near the pool in the garden area crying bitterly. Nishant was seen explaining and handling Pratik when he cried.

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