BB15 PROMO: Salman to reprimand Afsana but will get a befitting reply

The second weekend of Bigg Boss 15 is going to explode in Vaar. The audience is eagerly waiting for the same blast. Everyone is eager to see the second Weekend Ka Vaar which will air today i.e. Saturday, October 16. Last week, host Salman Khan took a fierce class of Pratik Sahajpal and now Salman will target singer Afsana Khan this week. In fact, today's Weekend Ka Vaar is going to be rage over host Salman Khan, Afsana Khan's age shaming and body-shaming comments on Shamita Shetty. He will be so angry with Afsana that he will be given the title of Superstar of the Season.


Meanwhile, Salman will repeat the words used for Shamita on the show and tell everyone that Afsana used words like 'Old Woman,' 'Ghar Baithne Ka Time Hai Tera' and 'Poor Woman' for Bollywood actress Shamita. Recently a promo has come out and in this promo, Salman Khan is seen asking Afsana who is the one who decides the character of anyone. In response, Afsana said, 'You are big...' However, Salman interrupted, saying, 'No, no, I am old.' Meanwhile, Afsana defended herself by saying, 'She was full of anger at that time.'


On hearing this, Salman asked her if she could do anything when she got angry. Meanwhile, Salman Khan would tell Afsana that her voice not only comes out but she also moves her hands well. Hearing all this, Jay Bhanushali, Tejashwi Prakash, Vishal Kotiyan and Shamita Shetty will express their agreement with host Salman. Meanwhile, Salman Khan will tell Afsana, 'If I had a choice, I would have made you homeless from the house.' On hearing this, Afsana will say that she is ready to go out. Salman gets angry and stops himself from shouting at Afsana.

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