Ex-girlfriend calls Arhaan after his eviction, but he didn't receive her call
Ex-girlfriend calls Arhaan after his eviction, but he didn't receive her call

Whatever is happening these days in Bigg Boss 13 is surprising to everyone. In such a situation, Arhaan Khan, who re-entered the house, has been eliminated and the chemistry of Arhan Khan and Rashmi Desai was very much liked by the audience. More personal life was discussed in the house than in Arhaan Khan's professional life. In such a situation, Arhan Khan's ex-girlfriend Amrita Dhanoa has been attacking him repeatedly and Amrita has asked to file a case against Arhan Khan.

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While talking to Spotboye recently, Amrita said, "After the eviction from home, Arhan Khan has disconnected my phone." He is scared of me now. Amrita said, 'I will take police action against Arhan. I will meet a senior police officer soon. ”With this, he has also said about sending him to jail with a case on him. After leaving the house, Arhan Khan has made many big revelations. When he was asked in the interview, "Do the housemates target Siddharth to get the footage?"

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On this, Arhan Khan replied - "Siddharth is not being targeted." The target is to be abused from the front, shouted and talked from the front, if something is said wrong from the front, then it seems that you are targeting someone. ”With this, Arhan Khan continued - "First things come from Siddharth Shukla, to which people answer. This is a reaction to action. "Arhan Khan told-" It happens many times that those people come together in groups and talk together, in which Siddharth Shukla becomes very aggressive and very much They start doing insults and things that can be easily solved go to dirty levels.

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