Bihar Panchayat elections to be held today, know these essential rules

Patna: Panchayat elections have begun in Bihar. The second phase of information has also been issued for the same. With this, the nomination process has been held from today (7th September). As a result, 48 blocks in 34 cities will be enrolled by September 13. After which the nomination papers of the candidates will be examined. Candidates can withdraw their names by September 18. However, the State Election Commission has changed the guidelines for panchayat elections this time. The Commission has also broken new rules in the nomination process. In this case, before making a nomination, the candidate should take care of these rules:

Keep these rules in mind:-

* The Election Commission has made the BDO of the block as the Returning Officer for the nomination process. There will be several designated Assistant Electoral Officers to assist in the nomination process. There will be nominations for all the posts except the candidate for the post of Zilla Parishad. 
* Zilla Parishad candidates can go to the SDO and make nominations. 
* To help in the nomination process, the election officers, assistant election officers, and other personnel of the block have also received training. 
At the time of nomination, the candidates will have to follow all the guidelines issued by the Election Commission. 
* Nomination will be taken in the prescribed form. Apart from this, the affidavit should also be completely filled. 
*Candidates can take any person from their constituency as proposer. Because of this, the candidate should also be the voter of the same area. 
* Original copy of NR receipt should be attached with the nomination form. 
* Candidates reserved for reservation must carry their caste certificate. 
*Slogans of any kind are prohibited at the enrollment site. 
* Nomination of each candidate will be video graphed due to nomination. 
* Enrollment will take place from 11 am to 4 pm during the day. Due to this, any kind of noise, alcohol and sloganeering will be banned on the premises.

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