Liquor sales continue in Bihar after liquor ban, police raid

Jul 28 2019 04:56 PM
Liquor sales continue in Bihar after liquor ban, police raid

Patna: The process of making liquor and selling liquor is going on in posh areas of Patna even after the ban In Bihar. It is being brewed in Mushari near Asiana Road in Posh area of Patna, but Patna Police is not aware of it. It has been more than two years since the ban came into force in Bihar, but in Bihar, there was no stoppage of liquor consignments and no domestic liquor.

On the other hand, a large quantity of indigenous liquor was recovered during a joint raid by the excise department and Patna police at Mushari in The residential area of Patna on the direction of Patna District Magistrate. Several other items, including mahua used for making liquor, were found in the raid which was destroyed there. However, all the brewers managed to escape from the spot.

However, the police has given strict instructions to the liquor smugglers, saying that further stricter action will be taken against them. At present, the entire material has been confiscated by destroying the liquor. The police have launched a search operation against illegal liquor sales and the place is being pressed into service.

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