OMG! Poor logger became millionaire overnight, authority engaged in investigation

Kishanganj: There are many amazing cases coming to the fore from all over the country meanwhile an incident is spreading from Bihar. In which a poor woodcutter became an overnight millionaire in Kishanganj. The market for many types of rumours in the village is sizzling. Villagers say woodcutter Latif and his son Ubaidul received secret money from somewhere 15 days ago, which made them rich. Some people say they bought a lottery ticket in which they won Rs 1 crore. When the incident reached the SDM, they took it seriously and ordered an inquiry.
The same incident took place at Teusa Panchayat in Kishanganj Town police station area. Where a poor logger became an overnight millionaire. The villagers were stunned to see this. Then many rumours started gaining momentum and both have gone underground out of fear. Villagers say that after so much money, Woodcutter Ubaidul had also gifted 7 motorcycles to relatives. Bought new tractors and several bighas of land. In addition, a pucca house was constructed.

It is said that lottery tickets are banned in Bihar, so he bought a lottery ticket from Bengal. The father and son went underground because of the spread of the talk and not standing into legal tangles. Police are on the lookout for the two. The case will be revealed correctly only after both of them are caught. Kishanganj SDM Shahnawaz Ahmed Niazi said that an inquiry will be conducted by the Income Tax Department and the Enforcement Directorate. He also said that if the money laundering case comes to light, the persons hiding behind the scenes will also be exposed. The incident is currently the talk of the town in Kishanganj.

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