Biirchin’s Entrepreneurial Mindset and Philanthropist Initiatives is an Inspiration for All

A passionate entrepreneur breeds obsession, creativity and a business mindset infused with social responsibilities. A successful entrepreneur is not made in a day, but it takes years of hard work, dedication, positivity and resilience. In this risk-taking journey, an individual has to create strong foundations and stay audacious and confident amid all ups and downs, profit and loss to reap the benefits of his/her investments both in monetary terms, efforts and time.

One such example is Bavuusuren Chuluunbaatar, a Mongolian entrepreneur who is best known for creating waves in the social media, IT and digital marketing industry. Commonly known as Biirchin, Bavuusuren has bagged a young businessman award two times in a row for the years 2019 and 2020 which is a reflection of his entrepreneurial mindset and leadership qualities.

To delve deeper, Biirchin is a major influencer with a love for technology and computers since a 15-year-old. He is the founder of two successful ventures by the name Virtual Union LLC, a leading digital marketing and IT firm based in Mongolia, and  Dragon's Breath Mongolia famously known for its relishing ice cream and bubble tea. Be it information technology, food, social media or digital marketing, Biirchin has successfully performed the best in all his roles pertaining to different industries.

Showcasing his creative aspect, Bavuusuren also manages rappers’ and artists’ music under the "Biirchin" moniker. He is also efficient and skilled at making Instagram Filter using SparkAR. Not only this, Biirchin is also a podcaster hosting the show HR Management Lab's Podcast Speaks, which talks about his life's hardships, triumphs, and struggles, the first episode of which went live on March 15, 2020.

Bavuusuren is also an AR Specialist and has considerable experience working for companies like IBM, Fiverr and Envato. He has taken up roles of an IT Engineer and System Administrator before starting his venture Virtual Union in 2013.

Talking about his education, Biirchin is a Microsoft Certified Systems Administrator with a degree in IT engineering from Huree University. Besides, he also has a philanthropist side to him as a donator of resources like bags and notebooks to school children for the past 5 years. His story comes as a source of inspiration and motivation for anyone who wishes to launch themselves in the business setup.

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