BJP Leader Accuses Journalist Wasim Akram of Sharing Fake Video from India-Pakistan Cricket Match
BJP Leader Accuses Journalist Wasim Akram of Sharing Fake Video from India-Pakistan Cricket Match

Ahmedabad: In an incident on Tuesday, BJP leader Tajinder Pall Singh Bagga criticized journalist Wasim Akram for sharing a fake and edited video from the recent India-Pakistan cricket match.

Wasim Akram had posted a video with superimposed audio, where some individuals could be heard saying, "Jab Mulle Kaate Jayenge, Ram Ram Chillayenge."


Bagga accused people like Wasim Akram of sharing fake and edited videos to incite violence among communities. 

"To disrupt the atmosphere in Gujarat and the country and incite riots, Wasim Akram shared an edited video of Narendra Modi Stadium. If immediate action is not taken, Wasim Akram could potentially provoke riots in Gujarat and the country. Please take immediate action," Bagga said, tagging the Gujarat Police.

Notably, Akram deleted his original post from October 17 in which he had called on the National Investigation Agency (NIA) to investigate the matter. In the original post, he also suggested that the NIA should take action against those who allegedly raised slogans like 'Jab Mulle Kaate Jayenge, Ram Ram Chillayenge' in the Ahmedabad stadium.

In response to Bagga's post, Akram mentioned that he deleted the original post because Bagga and his supporters had labeled it as fake.

Akram has now claimed that he removed the original post because Bagga and his supporters called it fake. "Now it is the responsibility of UP Police to check its authenticity. The demand I had made in that tweet against those who raised slogans, I am demanding the same action against those who 'edited' that video," he stated.

It's worth noting that some "secular liberal" Indian elites expressed dismay when the crowd at Ahmedabad's Narendra Modi Stadium showed strong support for the Indian team during the cricket match. While supporting local players is common, Indian 'secular liberals' were particularly upset because some fans were chanting "Jai Shri Ram" in the presence of Pakistani player Md Rizwan.

However, although slogans of "Jai Shri Ram" were heard in the stadium, the specific slogan "Mulle Kaate Jayenge" appears to be fake and fabricated to stir up hatred among Indians.

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