VIDEO: BJP MLA Surendra Singh's offensive statement says, "Sakshi's took a decision under the influence of work"

Jul 15 2019 11:56 AM
VIDEO: BJP MLA Surendra Singh's offensive statement says,

Ballia: BJP MLA Surendra Singh from Ballia, Uttar Pradesh, often made headlines over his controversial statements, had arrived at the district hospital to attend the inaugural function of the free CT scan. Here he made a controversial statement about Sakshi, daughter of BJP MLA Rajesh Mishra. Talking to reporters in Bareilly, the daughter of BJP MLA Rajesh Mishra, Sakshi said that the decision was a decision taken under the influence of lust, which cannot be said to be good from anywhere.

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He further said that the verdict of the witness is wrong, which she will have to repent in the future. On the other hand, on the death sentence of three children of Azam Khan, MLA Surendra Singh said that child raising in the Muslim community is an animal trend. Keep 50 wives in Islam to produce 1050 children. Surendra Singh said that 3 or 4 children in nature are not in it.

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On the discussion that is taking place after BJP MLA Rajesh Mishra's daughter Sakshi Mishra married a Dalit boy from Bareilly, Surendra Singh said that the beautiful picture of son and daughter is not going to be kept by parents as much as parents do. Any son or daughter, under the influence of sexuality, makes such a decision. He is enslaved to lust and his decision cannot be right from anywhere. Whatever the decision of the Witness is wrong and will have to repent in future.

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