U.S.: Man becomes threat for 18-month-old child, shot dead by police
U.S.: Man becomes threat for 18-month-old child, shot dead by police

WASHINGTON: A man has been shot dead by a police officer after allegedly threatening an 18-month-old boy in Washington, U.S. state of Washington. According to KIRO 7 TV, King County police in Kirkland City said officers had arrived on Saturday on information that the man was holding a child behind a wooded area near the Dani Furniture Store and poses a threat to him.

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According to a report by Xinhua news agency, the police said they had spoken to the suspect for about 30 minutes. The person then got angry and grabbed the child tightly. A police officer was forced to fire. The suspect was shot to save the child. Quoting a public information officer of the Kirkland Police Department, said, "The officer felt the seriousness of the child's condition and at one point found that the child should be saved from serious injuries.

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The child is safe and has been hospitalized for medical examination. The King County Sheriff's Department is investigating the incident. Police are currently trying to find out what the man was going to do with the child and why he was behind his life.


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