Emmanuel Macron  name suggested as space command in Air Force
Emmanuel Macron name suggested as space command in Air Force

PARIS: French President Emmanuel Macron has announced that he has allowed the country to create a space command in the air force to promote the country's space defence policy and better protect its strategic interests. Addressing the assembled forces ahead of the Bessy Day parade on July 14, Macron said, "A space command will be set up in the Air Force next September to ensure the strengthening and development of its space capabilities."

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"It will eventually become space and air force and new investments required for it will be decided," he told Xinhua, adding that France has approved four billion dollars of military spending to protect space in 2019-25. Macron said cyberspace and areas outside the atmosphere have become new areas of confrontation, after which the need to create new space military doctrine has arisen, which will ensure France's defense in space.

France took this step after the U.S. announced the establishment of a new space force by 2020 as the sixth branch of its military force.

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