Gautam Gambhir received ISIS threat third time

There has been big news about BJP MP (East Delhi BJP MP) and former cricketer Gautam Gambhir (Former Cricketer Gautam Gambhir) from the East Delhi constituency. In fact, he has once again received the third threat from the email ID of the alleged Islamic State of Iraq and The Levant (ISIS) Kashmir. In fact, in a mail sent to Gautam Gambhir, this time it is written, 'Delhi Police and IPS Shweta can't do anything. Our spies are in the Delhi Police and we are getting all the information about you. '

This is the third threat that Gautam Gambhir, an MP from East Delhi and former cricketer, has received in a week. In fact, earlier, death threats were also sent to Gautam and his family through the mail. Gautam Gambhir received his first email on the night of November 23. That email threatened to kill. Gautam Gambhir had lodged a complaint at that time. Security at his house was beefed up thereafter. However, it did not have any effect.

In fact, on the 24th, he again received an email saying, 'Yesterday you wanted to kill, escaped, stay away from Kashmir'. A video from outside his house was also sent along with this mail. Gambhir then alleged that the threat was made to him by ISIS Kashmir. Gautam Gambhir has now been threatened again today amidst all this.

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