India's population is biased due to people like Aamir Khan: BJP MP Sudhir Gupta
India's population is biased due to people like Aamir Khan: BJP MP Sudhir Gupta

Bhopal: The demand for stringent steps is now on the rise in view of the growing population on World Population Day. At present, the new population policy of Uttar Pradesh is being discussed all over the country. Meanwhile, BJP MP from Mandsaur-Javara Sudhir Gupta has made a controversial statement. He has dragged film actor Aamir Khan in his statement. In fact, demanding stringent steps for population control, Sudhir Gupta said, "People like Aamir Khan have a hand in imbalanced India's population. This is the misfortune of the country.''

He said, "Aamir Khan's first wife Reena Dutta with 2 children, second Kiran Rao with a child, not worried about him, but Dada Aamir is on the lookout for a third. Is this the message of a hero? This world used to say that there is more wisdom than selling eggs, it is better if you do only this much.''

Moreover, he said very clearly, "After all, we have to think one day or the other.'' I saw that not even an inch of land in India has increased and the population has reached 140 crores. There are no good wishes or congratulations. If you look back, the land in Pakistan's share of India was divided, but the population was reduced. Sudhir Gupta has always been in the news for his extravagance and is now a part of the discussions this time too.

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