BJP MP Virendra Singh on rising onion prices says, "Let me get you 25 rupees per kg."
BJP MP Virendra Singh on rising onion prices says,

New Delhi: BJP MP Virendra Singh from Ballia Lok Sabha constituency on Thursday countered the opposition's accusations about the economic downturn and said in the lower house that the slowdown in the auto sector and talk of reduced sales are being done to discredit the country. He asked that if there is a slowdown in the auto sector, then why are there many vehicles in each house and road jam? BJP MP said, 'Come with me - I will fetch onions for 25 rupees'

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He said this during the discussion under Rule 193 of the 'Damage to the crop due to various reasons and its effect on the farmers'. Singh also said that, onion is being said to be expensive, so let me get a truck onion at Mohammadabad in Ballia, my parliamentary constituency, for Rs 25 per kg. He said that an atmosphere of economic depression is being created in the country. It is being said that there has been a decline in the purchase of the auto sector. This is being done to discredit the country.

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He asked, "If there is less procurement in the auto sector, why are there roads have jam?" There are many vehicles in each house today.”  Virender Singh also said that people talk about GDP, but rural economy cannot be determined by this scale. The rural economy is strong because it is based on labor and the tradition here is to save. He said that today, it can be seen that people are depositing money on a large scale in villages and towns. Singh said that policies should be prepared keeping villages in mind.

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