Sambit Patra furious at AIMIM, says 'They are 5 only and not saying Hindustan'

Nov 24 2020 03:12 PM
Sambit Patra furious at AIMIM, says  'They are 5 only and not saying Hindustan'

New Delhi: Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) leader Sambit Patra remains in the discussions due to his controversial statements on the day. Now in a recent statement, he has targeted the MLAs of All India Majlis-e-Ittehad-ul Muslimeen (AIMIM) party. In a tweet on Tuesday, he has also shared a clipping of the newspaper. As you can see, while sharing this clipping, he has said that, 'Five AIMIM MLAs have been elected in Bihar. But they have refused to say Hindustan. In such a situation, people will have to vote this party thoughtfully in Hyderabad.

Let us also tell all of you that the body elections are going to be held in Hyderabad of Telangana and before that the period from political politics to rhetoric has started. In his tweet, Sambit Patra writes, 'AIMIM used India instead of India during the oath. Only 5 MLAs have been elected from AIMIM and they have refused to speak 'Hindustan'. Friends, imagine if they were 50 MLAs, they would not speak 'Bharat' . Today 'Hindustan' has gone. Tomorrow is the turn of 'Bharat' !! Vote for thinking of friends of Hyderabad.

Let us also tell you that the session of Bihar assembly has started from last Monday. Everyone had taken oath before that. AIMIM MLA Akhtarul Iman refused to speak the word Hindustan written in the affidavit and instead called Bharat. He was given permission by the Protem Speaker on this matter, but since then politics has started on the matter.

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