Sanjay Raut targets BJP, says, 'Today is the death anniversary of that 3-day government'

Nov 24 2020 01:46 PM
Sanjay Raut targets BJP, says, 'Today is the death anniversary of that 3-day government'

Maharashtra: The battle for politics has started these days in Maharashtra. Shiv Sena leader Sanjay Raut has taken a dig at the Bharatiya Janata Party over the recent incident of Devendra Fandavis taking oath as Chief Minister. Reminding him of the oath taken by Fadnavis on November 23 last year, he said, "Today is the death anniversary of that three-day government". The short-term government was formed with the support of Nationalist Congress Party (NCP) leader Ajit Pawar, who was sworn in as Deputy Chief Minister at Raj Bhavan in Mumbai on 23 November.

Recently, Sanjay Raut has expressed hope that his Maharashtra Vikas Agadi (MVA) government will complete its term. Recently he said, "Our government will complete four years. Our government will not complete its term, opposition leaders say such things in frustration because all their efforts have failed. They are well aware that the people of Maharashtra are with this government." Recently, senior BJP leader and Union Minister Raosaheb Danve had said in a statement that his party will form the government in Maharashtra in the next two to three months'.

Since his statement, Raut has been seen flare-up. In the last year i.e. 2019 Maharashtra assembly elections, BJP and Shiv Sena contested together. During that time both had the necessary data to form the government, but there was a dispute between the two about the post of Chief Minister. After that, the BJP formed an 80-hour government in support of Ajit Panwar and Devendra Fadnavis suddenly went to Raj Bhavan in the morning of 23 November 2019 and took the oath of CM.

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