Eat this berry three to four times a week to protect against cancer

Aug 10 2019 05:00 PM
Eat this berry three to four times a week to protect against cancer

You may have eaten the blackberry too. Although it is not as prevalent in India, it is easily found in fruit stores. It has many benefits that you may be surprised to learn about. In terms of health benefits due to powerful antioxidants, berries are considered to be the best fruits in the world and are also considered useful in heart disease, cancer, arthritis, and respiratory diseases. Let's know about the blackberry.

A team of researchers studied the number of phenolics and anthocyanins present in black and red raspberries and blackberries and the health benefits of them.  Researchers have confirmed that the antioxidant properties found in natural products are directly related to their health-beneficial properties. That is, blackberry can give you many benefits.

The study found that black berry contains three times more antioxidants than other fruits. The phenolic compound in black raspberries was found to be more than 1,000 percent compared to the raspberries of the second species. The phenolic compound is used in the maintenance of food. Its use keeps the food color, taste fresh for longer.

Many phenolics are also containing antioxidant properties. Most interestingly, blackberry is quite beneficial for human health which is highly beneficial in the form of secondary metabolism.

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