Know why you feel heaviness in the stomach after eating fruit

Sep 17 2019 10:15 PM
Know why you feel heaviness in the stomach after eating fruit

You may have heard some people complaining that after eating fruit or salad, they start bloating, or feel heaviness in the stomach. If this happens to you, then you should also know the reason for this. Often this is due to the habit of drinking water after eating raw fruits or salads. You should not drink water after eating fruit or salad. 

People who have a habit of drinking water after eating anything, if they feel the problem of indigestion. Also, problems like heaviness and discomfort in the stomach are also common. This is the reason why it is often advisable not to talk or drink much while eating.

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One should drink water after eating raw food, salad or fruits like cooked food? Can there be stomach problems even in that condition? Actually, fruits contain high amounts of Sucrose, Fructose and Yeast. If we drink water after eating the fruit, then the water mixes with the acids present in the stomach. This solution of water and acid creates a favourable environment for the expansion of yeast in the stomach. As a result, gas starts forming in the stomach and flatulence starts.

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Experts says that, you should drink a very small amount of water after eating fruits. Also, avoid overeating. In the opinion of experts, the stomach problems that occur after eating salad or fruit are due to overeating. While consuming fruits, bacteria present in the stomach start producing carbon-dioxide at a faster rate than normal. Due to which you feel heaviness in the stomach. Belching and stomach gas begin to form. That is why do not increase the number of fruits suddenly, and chew them slowly and eat.

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