This actress tweeted about PM Modi's 'Man Ki Baat'

Mar 30 2020 11:40 AM
This actress tweeted about PM Modi's 'Man Ki Baat'

The whole world is fighting with the coronavirus and all of them are engaged in winning the battle sitting at home. There is a lockdown in the entire country, but in the meantime, Prime Minister Narendra Modi talked in 'Man Ki Baat'. He asked the people of the country to take precautions to avoid the coronavirus. He has asked the poor and labourers for the lockdown in the entire country. Bollywood actress Richa Chadha has given her response on Prime Minister Narendra Modi's apology. Also, she has made a very special appeal to Prime Minister Modi.

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Recently, Richa Chadha reacted on Twitter to Prime Minister Narendra Modi's Mann Ki Baat program. She wrote in his tweet, 'Sir, please direct the state governments to either make arrangements to bring back migrant workers or take care of them where they are. These workers, who are in trouble, are the biggest link in our economy and society. It will be sad if this disease spreads in our villages". Social media users and her fans are giving their feedback on this tweet of Richa Chadha. Some people have called her right, some have called her wrong. Prime Minister Narendra Modi had said in Mann ki Baat, 'Usually, I come with many topics in Mann Ki Baat. But today there is only one thing in the mind of the country - the terrible crisis caused by the 'Corona global epidemic', I say something else will not be appropriate. First of all, I apologize to the countrymen. I am sure you will forgive me. Some decisions have to be taken, due to which you have got trouble.

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Maybe, many people will be angry with me that how everyone is locked up in the house. I understand your problems, but there was no way to win India against Corona, without taking these steps. Once again, I apologize for whatever inconvenience you have faced, difficulty. I apologize to poor brothers and sisters. I understand your problem, but there was no other way to save 130 crore countrymen, so it was necessary to take this drastic step."

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