Bombay Hoicourt commented on prolonged trial in courts
Bombay Hoicourt commented on prolonged trial in courts

Mumbai: The courts of India are buried under the burden of lawsuits. Seeing the time of trial, people either give up hope of justice or keep fighting for years. The Bombay High Court has commented on the time taken for the trial of cases in Indian courts. Bombay Hoicourt said that it seems that there are 'time machines' in the courts where cases continue indefinitely. In a case related to the Rent Control Act, the court said on Friday that the trial began in 1986.

After this, many appeals, applications and petitions were filed but the matter was still not resolved, while the actual landowners and tenants are no longer alive. Justice Dama S. Naidu said that in many cases litigants on both sides die but litigation is carried out by subsequent generations. This petition was filed by Rukmanibai, a city resident. In the petition, he requested the eviction of some tenants from his property.

He died during the case and his heirs took over the case. The action to vacate the property was initiated against the tenants in 1986 and the lower court and the High Court ruled in favor of the property owners. In 2016, the tenants had moved the High Court again citing the changed circumstances. Please tell that from time to time questions have been raised on the status of courts. It is a matter of discussion whether at present the poor population of the country can get justice in this fixed time.

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