Haryana: PM Modi says, 'the wind's direction is saying the people will be with whom'
Haryana: PM Modi says, 'the wind's direction is saying the people will be with whom'

Hisar: PM Narendra Modi while addressing Vijay Sankalp rally in Rohtak, Haryana, today said that I, first of all, thank you for paying respects to the BJP for filling all the seats in the 2019 Lok Sabha elections. In today's era of politics, I see 55-60 percent votes as a precious opportunity of public support in myself.

PM Modi said for the third time in the last months I have had the opportunity to come to Rohtak. The arrival of such a large number of people is showing wind. This public blessing is a living proof of the way Manohar Lal's government has served Haryana. Manoharlal's journey may be ending today in Rohtak, but it shows with whom the blessings of the people will be with. Earlier there was a lot of talk about Manohar ji, but today every family of Haryana has become beautiful.

PM Modi further said that some people call Manohar ji as Namohar. Now we are Namohar as well as Manohar. Some people also call me Namohar. He said that Haryana has got the full benefit of the BJP government's double engine. With the help of the central government, the work of 25 thousand crore project is going on. The foundation stone of 2 thousand crore projects has been laid.

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