Parents fled after seeing this unique baby girl after birth, know why?
Parents fled after seeing this unique baby girl after birth, know why?

Harda: Amidst the corona crisis, a number of other cases are coming to light from the country. The baby's right legs are inverted from the knee. There are claws on the back. Doctors are treating it as a rare case. She weighs less than 1 kg 600 normal babies. She has been admitted to SNCU. The parents have been missing for two days after the birth of the baby girl.

Pappi, wife of Vikram, a Jhanjhari resident of Khirkia Block, was delivered at 12.00 p.m. on Samewar Dapehar. She gave birth to a daughter. Delivery was normal. The baby's right legs were abnormal. The doctor and nurse were stunned to see this. Shishu Rage Expert Dr. Sunny Juneja says such a case has not come up in a 5 year career so far. He also interacted with infant rage experts and bone rage experts of Indarai-Bhepal. He says the case is very different. The baby's legs are completely bent from the knee. She weighs 1 fort 600 grams. Normally, children weigh 2 forts from 700 grams to 3 forts to 200 grams.

After birth, the parents and family members of the child disappeared. The baby girl has been admitted to SNCU. It is under the supervision of doctors. He is out of danger. The parents of the girl are nowhere to be found in the hospital. A search was also made for the parents in the hospital premises on Tuesday. Also an announcement was made, but it was not known. Now the hospital management will take the help of the police. The same disease can be caused by a low place in the mother's womb or genetic in the baby. The doctor said, 'Such cases are hardly in millions. The knees can be straightened after the operation. Something can be said only after seeing the baby. So far, I have not seen such a case'.

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