Meet real-life Mowgli who spends most of his time in the forest
Meet real-life Mowgli who spends most of his time in the forest

You must have heard the name of Mowgli and have seen the films based on him. Today we are going to tell you about Real Mowgli. Yes, there is a young man who is called Mowgli. Well this is all due to discrimination only because that young man looks different. We are actually talking about a 21-year-old man living in Rwanda in East Africa who is currently fighting a disorder.

The disorder he is facing is called microcephaly. In this disorder, the head of a person becomes larger than others. However, due to this disorder, the people around the youth are called real Mowgli. The young man's name is Ellie and he has this disorder from childhood. Because of this, he looks different from others. He spends most of his time living in the forest, suffering from the discrimination of the people. People around him call him by the name of real-life Mowgli. According to a website, Ellie has learned many tricks while living in the forest and he walks many kilometres. He climbs trees very fast. Ellie's mother said that she had lost her five children before Ellie was born.

Ellie is greatly disturbed by the locals because of his big head. He also has difficulty hearing and seeing. He never went to school for the same reason because the children used to harass him there too. However, ever since Ellie's story has been revealed to the world, people have tried to raise funds for her through crowdfunding. So far, the fund has added $ 3,958, or Rs 2,92,017. Well we hope Ellie gets well soon.

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