Boyfriend murdered his own girlfriend, buried her in bathroom

Jan 17 2021 12:51 PM
Boyfriend murdered his own girlfriend, buried her in bathroom

Mumbai: It's said people do anything to get their love. Today, we have brought you an event that you will be surprised to hear. There has been a dreadful end to a love story in the Palghar. A girl had broken all relationships with her parents' house by swearing to die with her boyfriend. After which it has now been reported that the same lover has made her painful death and buried the body in the bathroom of the house. However, police have recovered the girl's skeleton in the custody of the accused.

According to the information received, the case is from the Umroli area where 32-year-old Amita Mohite was having a love affair with 28-year-old Suraj Gharat. Amita left her home on October 21 last year and lived in a rented flat in Vrindavan building in Wangaon area with Sun. It has been revealed that after some time there were quarrels between the two, which the sun planned to kill Amita. Police said, the accused Suraj killed Amita and buried the body in a bathform.

Suraj Amita used to be chatting with her family: Amita's boyfriend, Suraj, who was arrested on charges of killing her, said in a police interrogation that she kept Amita's mobile in her own way. He didn't pick up the phone from Amita's house but used to talk on WhatsApp by becoming Amita. The accused said that he became Amita and told his family that they were both living in Vapi in Gujarat. It has been revealed that Amita's family suspect Suraj's movements after which he complained about the case to Boisar police station. After which Boisar and Wangaon police recovered the girl's skeleton when the accused was identified. The police has registered a murder case against the accused Suraj and is engaged in further action.

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