Brazil's President considers PM Modi as Hanuman, now 'Ambassador' gives big statement
Brazil's President considers PM Modi as Hanuman, now 'Ambassador' gives big statement

New Delhi: Brazilian President Jer Bolsonaro has written a letter to PM Narendra Modi, comparing India's help with the Sanjeevani booti brought by Lord Hanuman. Bolsonaro wrote a letter to Prime Minister Narendra Modi on the issue of coronavirus on April 7, in which he spoke of India-Brazil friendship. On this letter of Bolsonaro, a media channel spoke to the Brazilian Ambassador to India, André Aranha Corre do Lago. André Aranha explained in this regard.

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Ambassador André Aranha Corre do Lago said that Bolsonaro decided to call PM Modi because the relationship between the two countries has been strengthened by the recent President's visit to India. President wanted to say in very clear terms how much help he has received from India (hydroxychloroquine). PM Modi was very positive about this demand and he said that there is talk about it in the government and they will answer it soon.

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Ambassador André Aranha said that, President Bolsonaro has increased his love ever since he came to India and he is interested in everything in India. It is also very important for them that religion has a predominance in India. President Bolsonaro is a man of religious instinct like PM Modi. In view of this, he wrote in the letter that two religious people related to their traditions can find examples in their respective religions.

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