Corona attack in this country, 25 thousand new cases found in single day
Corona attack in this country, 25 thousand new cases found in single day

Brasilia: When the coronavirus began to wreak havoc in the world, only a small number of cases were reported in Brazil. However now the number is increasing continuously here. More than 25 thousand new cases have been reported in the last 24 hours. According to the Health Ministry, 26,417 new cases were reported in the country on Thursday. The number of infected in the country reached 4,38,238. While the death toll reached 26,754. On May 21, there were 1,188 deaths in the country.

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At the end of March there were less than three thousand confirmed cases of corona in Brazil. President Zaire Bolsonaro then refused to let citizens go back to work and considered the coronavirus a threat. He had said that it is being blamed without any reason. Bolsonaro, in his country name address, urged the mayor and state governors to withdraw the lockdown measures. He described the coronavirus as a minor flu. This indicated how much he was worried about the epidemic.

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In April, the country's health system reached the point of disaster. Bolsonaro then put all his hopes on the hydroxycloquine (HCQ) drug, which US President Donald Trump has considered a potential drug against Corona. The Brazilian Ministry of Health suggested doctors to give HCQ medicine to patients with corona symptoms.

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