UP: Bride broke marriage after groom failed to solve her question

Often there are many reasons for the breakdown of marriages. Sometimes it happens that dowry has not been made, sometimes the marriage broke down due to some other reason. But the breakdown of marriage in UP came to light when the bride and groom were on stage and the bride asked a question. The entire case is from Mahoba district of UP, where a village resident of Kharela police station area had fixed the daughter's marriage in a village in Panwari police station area. On the night of April 30, the barat reached the door of the bride side, which led to a lot of care for the Baratis. Meanwhile, the bride was watching as the groom began to behave strangely because of the varmala ceremony. The bride asked the groom a question before putting the jayamala. She said she would get married only if the groom answers this question. If he can't answer, she won't get married.

In fact, the bride asked the groom to recite a table of two. After the groom's question, the groom did not understand anything at first. Then, he looked around.  The bride then refused to take seven rounds with the groom and did not wear a varmala. The bride refused that she would not marry him. On hearing this, theatmosphere of happiness turned into a complete tension. No one understood what to decide. The bride said she could not marry someone who did not even know the basics of mathematics.

Even after hours of conversation, the matter could not be resolved and efforts were on to persuade the bride throughout the night, but she did not listen. When the police came to know about it, an attempt was made to explain it, but the girl did not listen. Finally, the girl was obeyed. People from the girl's side rushed to the police station and demanded that the money spent on the wedding be returned. Police said, both sides were heard and it was an arranged marriage.

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