Britain will give special honor to Mahatma Gandhi

Aug 02 2020 12:11 PM
Britain will give special honor to Mahatma Gandhi

London: Whenever the glorious history of Britain (UK) is mentioned in the world, at the same time, the British rule over colonialism and apartheid was also questioned. In the same sequence, many British institutions are assessing his past, so that somehow these stains on the image of the country can be washed away. However, this is not so simple, because there have always been questions about racism and apartheid here. It can be compared to the recent death of black man George Floyd in police custody in the US.

Britain is now preparing to issue a coin in honor of Mahatma Gandhi, the great leader of India so that the contributions of blacks, Asians, and other non-Christian people can be brought to the world. It has been surrounded by questions, it is being told that by doing this the British Government wants to come out of the bad memories of the past. The issue of racism in the world had become more rapid after the death of Black George, a victim of police brutality a few days ago.

In the worldwide protests, Floyd was seen as a symbol of global apartheid, colonialism, and police brutality. During this time, many institutions had also raised the voice of support of the people of black, Asian, and non-Christian community.

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