Britney Spears invites estranged mum Lynne Spears for coffee
Britney Spears invites estranged mum Lynne Spears for coffee

LOS ANGELES: Britney Spears has invited Lynne Spears for coffee after the singer accused her estranged mum of hiding caffeine during her thirteen-year conservatorship.

The two have been at odds ever since the dramatic legal battle that ended the star's 13-year conservatorship last year, reports "The Mirror."

Britney has frequently accused her mother of her role in the incident since then, but it now seems as though she's prepared to let go and reestablish their relationship "as an equal."

The 41-year-old singer appeared to make a reconciliation pitch on Instagram. Along with a cropped photo of herself on vacation in Mexico, Britney criticised the platform for not allowing her to submit naked photos.

But what came next really caught everyone's attention.

The singer of "Toxic" wrote: "I successfully crossed the border, Mom and Dad! After 15 years without coffee, Mom, we can now go have some. I receive equal treatment; let's have coffee and discuss it!" According to "The Mirror," it's unclear whether the star's post represents a readiness to connect or sarcasm after years of having even the most basic needs ignored while under conservatorship.

The diva disabled the comments on her post, in contrast to the majority of her earlier ones. She added: "I'm a little nervous in a strange nation... but hey at this point they should be cautious with me" to a video of herself dancing. The latest "offer," according to 'The Mirror,' was made months after Lynne, 67, publicly apologised to her daughter for any "hurt" that may have resulted from the contentious conservatorship.

In an Instagram remark placed beneath the singer's most recent post, Lynne stated in October that she misses the artist and begged for forgiveness while requesting "a true apology" from the singer's family.

She begged with her daughter to "unblock" her so they could talk and perhaps make amends.

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