Know where should lamps be lit on Diwali night

Every year the festival of Diwali is going to come this year also. This festival is very special. It is said that this festival should be celebrated with great pomp and Goddess Lakshmi is worshipped on this day. Lamps are also lit on this day. Today we are going to tell you where the lamps should be lit.

1. It is said that on Diwali, a lamp is lit to worship Goddess Lakshmi and keep in mind that the lamp should be of brass or steel.

2. It is said that a lamp of pure ghee of cow's milk should be lit in the temple on the night of Diwali. By doing this, you get rid of debt.

3. It is said that on the night of Diwali, the third lamp should be lit near Tulsi.

4. Put the fourth lamp around the dehri outside the door or if you have made a rangoli, then place it on it.

5. Now the fifth lamp came under the peepal tree.

6. Now keep the sixth lamp in a nearby temple.

7. Place the seventh lamp in the garbage place.

8. Keep the eighth lamp in the corner of the bathroom.

9. After this, the ninth lamp is placed on the gallery in the house.

10. Now keep the tenth lamp on the walls of the house.

11. Place the eleventh lamp in the window.

12. Keep the twelfth lamp on the roof.

13. Place the thirteenth lamp at a crossroads.

14. After this, burn the fourteenth lamp to the total goddess or deity, Yamraj and the ancestors.

15.   After this, keep the fifteenth lamp in the cowshed.

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