Bus conductor was murdered for just Rs 250"

New Delhi: A murder incident has come to light from Jagatpur area of ​​Delhi. Where the bus conductor was murdered by slitting his throat. It is being said that the conductor was strangled to death inside the bus near the Biodiversity Park. Police seized the body from a parked bus. The police involved in this murder have arrested two criminals. It is being said that both the criminals are addicted to drugs and Deepak was murdered with the intention of looting.

The same bus conductor has been identified as 38-year-old Deepak. According to the news received, Deepak used to work as a conductor in the bus of a person named Praveen, a resident of Wazirabad for the last 10 years. Jagatpur is located near Yamuna Biodiversity Park, various buses are parked on the roadside. This is where Praveen's bus was also put in the parking lot.

In the same morning, bus driver Kanti saw that Deepak's body was lying inside the bus. There was blood being spread all over the bus. The news of this was given to the police. On reaching the spot, the police took possession of the body and sent it for post-mortem. The police searched the CCTV cameras installed nearby and succeeded in reaching the criminals. The same police have arrested Faiz Rehman and Mohammad Faraj in this case. Giving news, the police said that both the criminals are drug addicts and they killed the conductor Deepak for the robbery. It is being said that there will be 5 thousand rupees near the conductor lamp. But they got ₹ 250 in their hands.

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