Now it will not be easy to buy the phone on installment in the festival season

Sep 20 2020 09:36 AM
Now it will not be easy to buy the phone on installment in the festival season

This time on the festive season, the sale of expensive mobiles may be lower than in the previous year. Phone companies say that compared to last year, sales of cheap phones may increase in the festive season, but sales of phones with prices of more than 30 thousand will be less than last year. High officials of mobile phone companies said that most purchases of phones worth more than Rs 30,000 are done on installment.

The phone companies said that the companies lending to purchase consumer goods have an agreement with them and they hand over the loan to the customer coming to the store. Due to this facility, the customer did not have to pay full money for a phone worth more than 30 thousand. According to the phone companies, 50 percent of phones worth more than 30 thousand are purchased on installment. However, the financial companies which lend for consumer goods purchases are not giving easy loans.

Also, small financial companies are not giving loans to new customers at all. Only the old customer, who has a good record in terms of repaying the loan, is getting the facility of loan. Officials of the mobile phone companies said that in the festive season, sales of phones worth Rs 10-15 thousand will be higher than in the previous year because COVID-19 has put many people on hold. The corona is being seen in every region.

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