By breaking Wife's hand-foot did unnatural relationship and...
By breaking Wife's hand-foot did unnatural relationship and...

A recent case of crime has surfaced from Haryana. In the case, the homologous of the Mindkola outpost police arrested the woman, alias Jitender, who had been charged with the atrocity, was remanded to court on Friday. The case was homologous by the Mindkola outpost Incharge Abbas Khan in connection with the reports. Live Village is going to be a rech. In this case, the woman alleges that the Katta, by showing her a forced natural relationship with her, was severely beaten by the opposition.

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The woman, who was troubled by the husband in the case, said in a complaint to the police, "she was married in the year 2002. It was only after some time that the won had started beating him. Two or three years ago, the Katta tried to make an unnatural relationship with him by showing him. When he came to his father-in-law, he hit him with a shovel in his head and killed him. Then he even threatened to kill him. As a domestic affair, the villagers did not allow a live case. "

In the case, the woman said in the complaint that "there was a growing morale." He began to persecute him. A month ago, she was a pehar. From there, the father had mistreated him. He snapped nothing and went away. After the children fell asleep on the night, the live took him to another room. Brutally beaten. Broke hands and legs. Three days kept locked in the room. In the meantime, Katta the natural relationship by showing him. "In this case, the Mindkola outpost Incharge Abbas Khan says," the woman's father informed him. The police then reached the home of the won and freed the woman from captivity. Live is being questioned. Where has he hidden the Katta? This is being inquired into. "

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