Calcutta Times Most Desirable Woman of 2020: Mimi Chakraborty
Calcutta Times Most Desirable Woman of 2020: Mimi Chakraborty

Actor-MP Mimi Chakraborty has worked assiduously to reach the lofty heights she has reached today. But she believes destiny favours a hard worker. In a candid tete-a-tete, Mimi opens up about love, life and more. Excerpts:

How does it feel to be voted the Calcutta Times Most Desirable Woman of 2020?
 I am thankful to Calcutta Times and my fans for this honour. It’s the best feeling when hard work is rewarded.

How has the year 2020 been for you?
It’s been hard for everyone — not just me. In life, we tend to go after the bigger things. But the pandemic taught me that life is all about the three basic necessities — food, clothing and shelter.

Are you aware that men find you desirable? What is the X-factor in you that makes men go weak in the knees?
(Laughs) Well, then, why am I still single? Does it matter if men are going weak in their knees unless one of them is ready to go down on one knee for me?. I believe the love I give finds its way back to me.

How has your experience been in the industry so far?
I have had my share of struggles but I’d be lying if I said I never felt welcomed. Coming from a small town and trying to break into the entertainment industry wasn’t easy. People would mock the way I look, my diction and my tomboyish attitude. But, over years, the industry and my audience accepted me for what I am. I am truly grateful for that.

What milestones have you set for yourself?
I haven’t reached my milestone yet. I’m happy but I am not content. Whatever I’ve achieved, that was yesterday. Today is a new day and there’s a lot more to achieve.


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