Can Ethereum, Quilvius, And BNB Save The Crypto Market?

Due to the recent crypto market collapse, the majority of digital coins have decreased in value and most token holders fear for the future of their assets.

Digital finance is known for its volatility and most crypto enthusiasts would argue that this is what makes people money. This is because the sudden price value falls allow investors to acquire crypto tokens for cheaper.

Maybe you have heard that everybody is ''buying the dip'' but what does this mean? Buying in the bear market means that you can acquire tokens that were once out of your budget as these are trading for lower.

The key to making money with crypto is to buy tokens when the price is low and sell for higher when the volatility of the market allows for it to rebound.

You can now acquire market-leading cryptocurrencies for cheaper such as Ethereum (ETH) and BNB (BNB). However, tokens in presales allow you to guarantee you purchase a token for the lowest price possible, such as with Quilvius (QVIU)

Ethereum’s (ETH) Extremely Anticipated Upgrade

Despite the crash, most experts predict that Ethereum (ETH) will rebound and do well in the following few months.

This is mainly because Ethereum is known to survive the dip and is currently developing a lot of improvements on the blockchain that should skyrocket the token's price value.

The platform's very anticipated upgrade is under the works and is called ‘The merge’. These improvements on the network will benefit the projects that are built on the chain as they will contribute to a leaner, meaner and cleaner space.

Another factor that should help its governance token ETH rise from the dip is Ethereum’s further authority in the NFT space. In the cryptosphere, the platform is often seen as the default blockchain for non-fungible tokens.

Quilvius (QVIU) Presale Gains Traction

Although new to the cryptosphere, the much anticipated non-profit Quilvius (QVIU) project is the first and only platform with the primary focus on making people money and not to make money and profit for itself.

Quilvius comprises mostly cultural services and according to its whitepaper, the platform bills itself as 'The First Winning Culture Project of the Metaverse Universe'.

Essentially, Quilvius is on a mission to empower a global community by providing knowledge to all. Not only is the network assisting investors in gaining financial success but it is equally focused on contributing positively to society by eradicating the elitism behind learning and culture. 

Quilvius has a truly revolutionary approach and allows for individuals in the community to generate revenue from creativity, learning, engaging, story-telling, and more. There, authors can sell books, articles and any other writing while maintaining a passive income over time.

Although Quilvius is a Metaverse project and is based on the Binance Smart Chain, these universes have the main asset which is the Quilvius token, QVIU. The token contributes to fast and secure data flow as well as ease of trading on the Binance Smart Chain infrastructure.

The QVIU token can further assist community members in renting, purchasing, and publishing books and will function as the fuel that drives the network.

BNB (BNB) Is Giving You A Discount

Since launching in the market in 2017, BNB has grown into one of the most profitable and well-known cryptocurrencies.

Although Binance is the largest global cryptocurrency exchange when measured by daily trading volume, the platform has a variety of assets and features that are extremely attractive to a wide audience of investors.

The network currently provides an ecosystem of functionalities and according to the creators, the main objective of Binance is to provide a new paradigm in global finance - Binary Finance.

Although Binance was designed to improve cryptocurrency exchanges and bring them to the global forefront of financial activity, the network also has a primary asset - the BNB token.

Not only is BNB able to serve around 80 million holders of cryptocurrencies, but traders on Binance also have access to a 25% discount on many assets and features. These include payments, trading, investments, and more.

In order to rebound from the collapse of the crypto market, many are upgrading their wallets with Ethereum, BNB and Quilvius as these tokens are expected to do extremely well in the near future.

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