Canada Issues Updated Travel Advisory for India Amid Rising Tensions
Canada Issues Updated Travel Advisory for India Amid Rising Tensions

In response to the escalating diplomatic tensions between Canada and India, the Canadian government has issued a revised travel advisory for its citizens currently in India. The warning, delivered by Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, highlights concerns about potential "anti-Canada protests" and the risk of "intimidation or harassment" faced by Canadian nationals.

This latest development in the ongoing Canada-India row can be traced back to the tragic murder of Hardeep Singh Nijjar, a Canada-based pro-Khalistan activist, earlier this year. In response to the heightened tensions, Ottawa has decided to withdraw 41 diplomats from India. The decision to withdraw these diplomats was prompted by New Delhi's threat to revoke their diplomatic immunity, further exacerbating the dispute.

As part of the updated travel advisory, it has been disclosed that the Consulates General of Canada in Bengaluru, Chandigarh, and Mumbai will temporarily suspend in-person operations. Canadian citizens and individuals seeking consular assistance will need to reach out to the High Commission of Canada in New Delhi.

The revised advisory, issued under the Safety and Security section, makes reference to "recent developments in Canada and in India." It also acknowledges the existence of calls for protests and a discernible negative sentiment towards Canada, both in traditional media and on social platforms.

The advisory urges caution, warning that "demonstrations, including anti-Canada protests, could occur, and Canadians may be subjected to intimidation or harassment." This update follows Foreign Minister Mélanie Joly's press conference in Ottawa.

For those traveling in Delhi and the National Capital Region, the advisory recommends maintaining a low profile when interacting with strangers and refraining from sharing personal information. It also advises against visiting crowded areas, including public transportation, and suggests that travelers should always be accompanied by someone while also informing a friend or family member of their travel plans.

During her announcement, Foreign Minister Mélanie Joly confirmed that 41 out of Canada's 62 diplomats in India, along with their dependents, have been recalled. However, exceptions have been made for 21 Canadian diplomats who will continue their assignments in India, as the diplomatic tension between the two nations continues to evolve.

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