Coronovirus steps into Canada, case inspected
Coronovirus steps into Canada, case inspected

Coronovirus has also entered Canada. After stirring up in Wuhan city of China, this virus is making its move towards the world. The virus has been detected in a man returning from China in Toronto, Canada. Eileen de Villa, the head of the Public Health Agency here, confirmed this at a press conference in Toronto. He said that this is the first case of coronovirus confirmation we have.

On 22 January, a man returned to Canada from China. On finding this person, he was admitted to a hospital in Toronto the next day. The hospital has kept him in solitude as a precautionary measure. His samples are being tested. Doctors are investigating whether the person is infected with Chinese coronovirus.

Let us tell you that a person in the US of Washington is vulnerable to this virus. Other suspected cases are being tested in California and Texas. Across the Atlantic, British authorities have tested 14 people, but none of the cases have been confirmed yet. The corona virus has also entered Europe. In France, 3 people with corona virus have been confirmed. Three people infected with the Corona virus have been confirmed in France. French Health Minister Agnes Bujin said that the first case was found in Southwestern City. The second case was found in Paris. The third person infected with the Karona virus is a relative of the victims.

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