Acharya Chanakya adviced to learn these things from animals
Acharya Chanakya adviced to learn these things from animals

Acharya Chanakya was a popular  Indian teacher, philosopher, economist, jurist and royal advisor. Chanakya's writing is well-known among people. In today's world, politicians, philosophers and scholars remember his Nities (policies) because their policy is based on knowledge and practicality. Now we're going to tell you some things we need to learn from animals and keeping them in mind is a success. So let's know these things.

– Chanakya Niti,  Listening leads to knowledge of Dharma, removes malice and attains knowledge. At the same time, Maya's attachment also goes away.

–  He said to we should learn vivacity and how to make a tremendous effort from lion.

–  We should learn four things from cock. first to get up at the right time. Second- become a nester. Thirdly, share the property with relatives appropriately and the fourth thing is to get your employment out of your distress.

Three things to learn from the donkey are, don't give up carrying your load, don't worry about the cold & heat and the third one should be always satisfied.

– Chanakya suggests to learn to control senses like Heron.

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