Chandrayaan-2: Big disclosure of ISRO about Vikram Lander

Sep 12 2019 09:51 AM
Chandrayaan-2: Big disclosure of ISRO about Vikram Lander

New Delhi: ISRO has not yet been established any contact with Chandrayaan 2 Vikram Lander. The next day after the contact was lost, the orbiter had sent a thermal picture of the lander and then ISRO came to know about lander, but ISRO has not yet been able to surrender to the lander. Due to no communication, it is not possible to know what happened to the lander in the last moments.

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It is noteworthy that on September 7, when the lander was landing on the lunar surface, ISRO lost contact with it. There is confusion about the breakdown of this contact. Earlier it was said that the contact was broken about 2.1 km up, but if you look at the graph of the landing of the lander, a different picture is seen, which shows that ISRO's contact with the lander is broken 400 meters up, not 2.1 Km up

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Actually, all the confusion here happened in the way of interpreting ISRO's tweet. ISRO did not write anywhere in its tweet that ISRO lost contact with the lander at 2.1 km from the lunar surface. It is not a big deal to take away the meaning of that tweet. ISRO wrote in a tweet that, 'This is the Mission Control Center. Vikram Lander went according to the plan to a height of 2.1 km. After this, contact with the lander was lost. The data is being analyzed.

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