Chatbots think like humans, crisis looming over Google's Play
Chatbots think like humans, crisis looming over Google's Play

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is no less than a boon to the world. But experts say that it has many side effects. Recently, for this reason, the job of a Google engineer has been in danger.  

Senior engineer suspended: Bloomberg says That Google has also suspended Blake Lemoin, a software engineer from its Artificial Intelligence Development team. Blake is also accused of sharing confidential information about the company's project with a third party. Blake has also made a strange and shocking claim about Google's servers after the suspension. Blake has publicly claimed that he has encountered a 'sentient' AI on Google's servers. Blake claims that this AI chatbot thinks like a human being.

Why is there a lot of controversy?: The name of the AI that has been so much talked about is LaMDA (Language Model for Dialogue Applications). In an interview with the Washington Post, Blake said that the Google AI he interacted with was a human being. It is used to create chatbots, which are interacting with human users by adopting different personalities. Blake says that he also tried to experiment to prove it, but the company's top officials scolded him when he raised the matter internally.

The company took this action: It is worth noting that Alphabet Inc. has already sent Blake on paid leave earlier last week. Because they have violated the company's confidentiality policy.  

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