Made rice pudding today at home with this easy recipe
Made rice pudding today at home with this easy recipe

At this time during the lockdown, all the family members are trying their hand in the kitchen. Then be it brother, sister or father. In such a situation, if your mind is doing something sweet today, then this time make rice pudding. Whose recipe is very simple and you will enjoy it differently.

material -

Any kind of rice)
Milk full cream)
green cardamom
Almonds and Cashews

Method of preparation - For this, first take full cream milk. Take out the milk in the same vessel in which you have to make kheer and keep the milk vessel on low flame. Now after that let it cook slowly and after about 10 minutes put half a bowl of rice in it. But before adding rice, keep in mind that it is soaked in water for about three to four hours. Now throw all the water out of the rice before adding it to the milk and after that put the rice in the milk. Now keep stirring the milk and rice present in the utensil with the help of a brush, so that the rice does not fall down. Now add sugar and you will see that sugar will start dissolving in milk. Now add ground green cardamom, chironji and raisins. Keep in mind that to see if rice is cooked in milk or not, take a spoon and take out a few grains of rice with a spoon and break it. Now if the grains break easily, it means the rice is cooked. As soon as the rice is cooked, turn off the heat. Now when the pot cools down, keep it in the fridge for some time. It will be nice to eat kheer after it cools down.

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