Cheap Variants of iPhone X will launch soon
Cheap Variants of iPhone X will launch soon

Apple has been in great discussions about its iPhone X. The company's two flagship smartphone, iPhone8, and iPhone X, launched in the year this year, is being reported that next year Apple may launch cheap variants of Apple iPhone X. It is believed that due to the company's recent iPhone X, there is a huge price, which is not in every user's budget. That's why the company can offer cheaper variants of the iPhone X. 

The report released by the Chinese media said that the company will present next-generation iPhone by September 2018, which includes the Affordable Model of the iPhone X. 

According to reports, the company has started working on this smartphone. It is being said that Apple will launch two smartphones by next year, with one Apple's flagship model, while the second model will be the Affordable variant of the iPhone X. 

The report says that the cheapest model coming from earlier than the iPhone X can be given the name of the iPhone 9, in which the features of the flagship model X are expected. In the incoming phone, there will be features like face id and UI navigation. That's why it will be a matter of delight for the Consumers where the company will offer the features of the iPhone X at a lower cost. 

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