'Biryani' for 5 paise cost restaurant heavily, have to call police...
'Biryani' for 5 paise cost restaurant heavily, have to call police...

Chennai: Everyone adopts different methods to start their own business as well as make it famous as soon as possible. One such tactic was adopted by the biryani restaurant owner. He announced that he would give biryani for 5 paise. He made the announcement to grab everyone's attention, but he was so heavy to announce that it was the restaurant operator who had to call the police as soon as the shutters were down. This was because he announced biryani for 5 paise. This led to a rush of biryani eaters at his restaurant.

In fact, a man had opened his new biryani restaurant in Sellur area of Chennai. He had come out with an offer to bring 5 paise and take biryani to make his restaurant famous. He thought that only 2-4 people would approach him and he would become famous in the area with his trick, but his idea was so heavy on the restaurant owner that he had to give it. He suffered a lot due to his offer on the very first day. In fact, the biryani restaurant operator's offer of biryani for five paise went viral on social media. After which hundreds of people, not one or two, took a 5 paise coin and went to eat biryani.

The restaurant operator was also stunned to see people who had come to eat biryani with 5 paise coins at the same time. The restaurant operator reported the matter to the police as the crowd continued to grow. On receiving the information, the police first thrashed the restaurant operator. He then queued up people following the Corona Protocol. There were so many people at the restaurant with the offer that biryani was finished there. People also complained to the police about it. People say they did not get biryani as per the offer.

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